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Social Media Breakfast Montreal

We founded the #SMBMTL in late 2009 and in the time since, with the help of many friends and the good folks at La Bistrote, we have organized and hosted close to 25 events.

It remains a labor of love that we intend to grow and nurture, and we invite you to visit the site, or better yet, join us at a future event.


As a web design and development firm, Heelatch has ceased to exist.

One of the managing partners has launched a new brand with a new partner and we are happily serving Heelatch clients at Neteyecon. In fact, we have expanded our services and have gotten even better at what we do.

We have offices and staff in Canada, the USA, and the Philippines, which makes us extremely flexible both in terms of budgets and working with tight timelines.

The same is as true now as it ever was with Heelatch. We cherish our clients and the trust they instill in us. A name doesn’t change that.


Google is forever flipping web professionals on their heads.

Whether you sell products, or are a B2B or B2C service provider, very often the rise and fall of our online successes lies squarely in the fact Google has the power to change all this on a whim.

And, while we deal with optimization and other web and content strategies via Neteyecon, DisavowThis! was born out of our belief that thanks to Google, a service dedicated solely to the audits, removals, and monitoring of back links was necessary.

We help remove unnatural link penalties and get you and your website on the road back to SERP rankings recovery.